9 Best SEO Blogs To Follow in 2021!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ever evolving industry with quick trend & strategy changes. What was working a year ago may not work today.

For the majority of marketers, SEO Blogs are still the most preferred way to learn about best practices and new trends to stay ahead of the crowd. SEO Blogs are an ideal new spot for latest developments, new insights into all sorts of SEO topics. A good SEO blog offers in-depth analysis with step-by-step instructions, how to guides, latest SEO trends, industry statistics, valuable tools for SEO professionals and much more.

Trying to find reliable sources of information that offer tips on improving visibility and increasing your leads can be difficult whether you new to SEO or a seasoned expert, so to help you out I’ve compiled a list with the best SEO blogs to follow. These sources are trustworthy and offer fresh insights and actionable strategies from the field, and you should surely integrate them into your regular reading routine.

1. SEMrush:


SEMrush is known for their popular SEO tool used by many across the world. It offers various features for digital marketers to perform SEO related tasks like competitive analysis, keyword research, link building, and more. Their blog is one of the most extensive sources of information available on SEO, SEM, PPC, and content marketing. They publish articles frequently on a variety of topics, as well as provide video content that’s always accompanied by a transcript. They also provide certification courses in various topics from SEO fundamentals & Content Marketing to PPC & Social Media Marketing, which are widely popular for being thorough & constructive. If you’re planning to use their SEO tools, you should definitely follow this blog for practical tips & tricks.

2. Search Engine Land:


Search Engine Land is an excellent source of information for the latest news on SEO, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and PPC (Paid Search Advertising). Founded by Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman, this SEO blog has always been the fastest one to break the latest news. Apart from various pieces from the editorial staff, the blog also features articles contributed by subject matter experts across the entirety of the digital marketing field, offering practical techniques & strategies for running successful marketing campaigns. For anyone interested in staying up to date on SEO & more, this blog should definitely be on your must-bookmark list.

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3. Moz:


Moz is a prominent name in the field of search engine optimization. Their blog offers educational insights and actionable strategies for growing companies to dominate search results. Although they feature news, their articles are generally focused towards content like checklists, cheat sheets & how-to guides. They also have a weekly video feature known as the “Whiteboard Friday” where experts provide an explanation into various SEO topics. Their SEO blog has an exhaustive source of information on SEO & inbound marketing strategies. It is certainly one of the most trustworthy sources to depend upon.

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4. Search Engine Journal:


SEJ is another important SEO blog to follow. SEJ has more of a community-based approach to search marketing content. Online marketing experts both independent and in-house contribute articles to their comprehensive library of content. From ultimate SEO guides to the latest algorithm changes from Google, SEJ covers all the news and trends of the search marketing industry.

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5. Ahrefs:


Ahrefs definitely has one of the best SEO blogs in the industry. It is a highly authoritative blog as it has a strong standing and reputation. Ahrefs also has a feature rich SEO tool that is very popular amongst digital marketers. They have recently been publishing more video content on their YouTube channel. They have some of the best in-depth articles around SEO, Blogging, Case Studies, Link Building, Outreach & Content Promotion, Technical SEO and more. If you’re a beginner and looking for the top SEO data driven resources, you must follow Ahrefs.

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6. Backlinko:


This SEO blog is a personal favorite. In his own words, founder Brian Deans says, “Backlinko is where professional marketers turn for proven and actionable SEO advice”. For beginners to advanced SEO, Backlinko is a great SEO blog for in-depth guides with step-by-step instructions. Although he publishes new content rarely, each of the articles is packed with fresh & innovative perspectives & unique SEO techniques. This one should certainly go in your bookmark folder.

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7. Neil Patel:

If you’ve in to around SEO & content marketing, you have probably heard this SEO blog. Neil & his team of talented marketers are considered some of the most popular SEO experts who teach people about how to use SEO to further their business. If you’re a fan of long form content, you must follow Neil Patel’s blog as it has literally tons of articles packed with valuable content. He has a real flair for simplifying concepts and being thorough, making his content reader friendly. He regularly publishes YouTube video tutorials and podcasts around the topic of SEO along with blog articles. His top-notch SEO content provides innovative & concrete solutions about how to improve your SEO performance.

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8. Google Webmaster Central:


What better way to learn about the latest Google algorithm updates and announcements, then direct from the official SEO blog of Google. Apart from being the official new hub for news on crawling about indexing, they offer various other resources, including an SEO starter guide or how to track your site’s search performance with Google Search. The webmaster central blog hosts hundreds of articles, all labeled, tagged and archived to optimize navigation and user experience. If you want insights & practical techniques on boosting your website’ organic traffic, bookmark this blog right away. 

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9. Yoast:


If your website runs on WordPress, then you probably know Yoast – the free SEO software that makes it easy to optimize your pages. Yoast has a great SEO blog that provides concrete tips on SEO, WordPress optimization, technical SEO and content strategies to help marketers succeed in SEO. Yoast covers a ton of tutorials for improving SEO as well as user experience. Apart from posting free articles, they also provide online SEO training courses that go deeper into the technicalities of their popular SEO plugin for WordPress. If you’re looking to learn more search engine optimization that’s coupled with WordPress tutorials, Yoast blog is a great place for you. If you are not following this SEO blog, you may be missing out on a lot. 

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Final Words:

Now instead of perusing through countless SEO blogs and websites, you can keep this guide handy for every time you want to check out the latest updates in the SEO industry.

SEO isn’t something you can learn once and feel like you have it down. It’s a process that regularly evolves as search engines make updates. With proper techniques and actionable strategies, you can build engaging community and bring amazing organic traffic from the search engine. All these websites represent the most reliable source for news, updates, and insights. They cover the latest SEO trends and provide the best SEO practices to boost your rankings and accelerate your online marketing success.

I will be adding more to this list so make sure to bookmark this article. Didn’t see your favorite SEO blog on the list? Don’t hesitate to suggest it in the comments.

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